Hathway Capital Group are a Hong Kong based real estate development investment and project management services provider.


 We manage Asia sourced capital, typically provided via real estate funds, HNWI and Family Offices, that wish to invest in real estate assets or residential development opportunities in the UK and Hong Kong.

Hathway Capital Group

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Range of Services

We manage the acquisition, the full development cycle and the exit strategy of each development scheme from inception to completion, taking care to ensure our investors interests are carefully managed, to minimise risk, and to maximise returns.

Through an extensive network of contacts and long-standing relationships, we source numerous real estate investment opportunities (from the acquisition of offices and commercial buildings, as well as new build development opportunities) for both large and small investors across the UK.

We provide a robust and comprehensive management service for real estate investors, that is tailored to suit each investors taste and requirements.

Property purchase and sourcing of new development projects

We utilise extensive market knowledge and a wide network of contacts to source off-market investment opportunities for our Asian investment partners.

Our primary focus is the UK residential development market, where we source a range of investment + development opportunities alongside an opportunistic approach to maximise risk adjusted returns.

Using relationships on the ground in Hong Kong and the UK we are able to mitigate risk throughout the whole acquisition and exit process.


We conduct robust development appraisals and in-depth due diligence in the analysis of every project and opportunity, before they are presented to our investor network. This strict appraisal process allows us to weed out the weaker projects as soon as possible, as well as to mitigate the acquisition and development risk as much as possible.

The careful selection of development sites and our understanding of the true costs of development is paramount to ensuring the returns that we propose are achievable at the end of the project development cycle.

Development Management and our UK Partners

In most projects, we work with a local UK development partner. In some cases, this is because the local developer may be the provider of the development land or the deal opportunity. Regardless, we will either automatically appoint a local development partner or we joint venture with an appropriate local developer or development partner. 

Given the intensive work nature of real estate development process, Hathway and the local development partner manage all project administration duties and keep investors away from the general day-to-day administration and only involving investors when necessary or when they want to be involved.

Sales and Marketing

We take full control of the sales and marketing process for all UK projects. Hathway manage each project or property exit through an extensive global network of sales agents and other sales channels.

For residential developments, Hathway sell in numerous countries around the globe such as China, SE Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur and many others), Dubai, India and, of course, the UK.  

A comprehensive network of longstanding relationships with property agents and financial advisory firms ensures a smooth sales process where we can efficiently control costs and ensure the targeted sales values are achieved.

Development Funding

In conjunction with a local development partner, we source UK bank debt  (and other forms of funding) for the property acquisition and land purchase. We also seek bank debt for the construction finance to facilitate the cost of construction works.

Utilizing a sizable network of real estate banks and funding institutions, we are able to source cost efficient debt financing on manageable terms to keep development costs to the optimum and minimising the equity capital commitment from our investors.

We also manage other forms or project funding including shareholder loan and mezzanine funding.

Development Completion and SPV Wind Up

The efficiency with which the completion of the project is managed, can have a direct bearing on the forecasted investment returns. Hathway have been through this process on numerous occasions. We ensure the development completion process through efficient sales of a single asset or individual apartments, is efficiently managed and we assist with the practical completion of the scheme to ensure the earliest possible occupancy and settlement of bank debt funding.


The Hathway Capital Group management team is comprised of seasoned real estate, development and fund management professionals with extensive skills and experience, providing investors with a robust platform in which to invest.

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