Hathway Capital acts on behalf of APAC investors as a real estate investment manager, with a focus on UK residential development.”


Hathway Capital Group (HCG) provides comprehensive advisory services throughout the real estate development process. Utilising an extensive network of longstanding relationships in the U.K. HCG are able to source off-market deals. From land sourcing, through the planning process, and managing the entirety of the development process, HCG enables investors to deploy capital as a developer would do.

Project Sourcing

HCG source U.K. projects ranging from land without planning, through to core assets. Our primary focus is U.K residential development sites, where we can seek strong returns by taking on and managing the development risk. We access sites directly in the U.K. with opportunities arising in London, Birmingham, and some further regional cities.

Investment Appraisal

HCG utilizes our deep list of contacts as well as market knowledge to assess market value and investment worth to clients of both potential investment opportunities and existing schemes. Tis enables us to minimize risk through a strict appraisal process, and mitigate development risk as much as feasible.

Development Management

Utilizing our U.K. partners HCG are able to take full control of development projects. Case by case there may be necessity for investors involvement, however given the labor intensive nature of real estate development, we take up as much of the heavy lifting as is feasible to do so, whilst keeping investors in the loop for any necessary decision making.

Sales and Marketing

HCG has a significant track record of exiting UK residential units, using a strong network of connections both domestically as well as offshore. Assumptive of any projects that go through the full development process with the objective to sell-off plan to active investors, HCG would manage the exit through a global network of agents.

Finance Sourcing

We will assist in sourcing any necessary finance, and analyzing the cost of debt alongside construction cost and delay contingencies to asses project viability. Utilizing previous project case studies, and contacts, we are able to both source cost efficient financing to maximize return for investors, whilst keeping risk to a minimum.

Development completion and wind up

The culmination of the development process is vital from a cashflow perspective given the presence of lending for individual investors. HCG having been through this process numerous times will assist with practical completion alongside development wind up to ensure target return on capital is hit.


Project appraisal

Whether it be a pre-existing site, land with planning, or otherwise, the first step is to complete a strict financial appraisal on a potential investment. Through in depth knowledge of the markets we work within we are able to accurately analyse potential returns along side risk.

Planning advisory

It is important to have experience moving through the planning process in the U.K. as well as contacts to assist with the process. HCG help advise from pre-ap alongside architects through the entirety of the process.

Development Management

Alongside our U.K. partners HCG full manage the entirety of the development process. From a partnership perspective we are very open to working with hands on or hands off investors. Development can be a hugely time consuming process and we ensure that this is managed entirely by HCG if desired.

Exit strategy

Generally we will look to manage the exit of any residential project ourselves. This will involve utilizing connections with agents both on and offshore, as well as financial advisors. Alternatively institutional exits can be negotiated and pre agreed with UK partners.


Regardless of the exit strategy HCG will support through the completion and handover process. This is a vital from a cashflow perspective due to leverage from retail investors. A smooth handover and lettings process for retail investors is key to a successful development. 


Hathway Capital adopt a risk-adverse, systematic and consistent approach to real estate investing and tailor a turn-key solution to suit our investors’ risk appetite and financial requirements.



We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in investing and managing real estate projects in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Macau and other cities around the globe.



Hathway Capital has established an extensive network of  longstanding relationships in Hong Kong  and the UK real estate market, which enables us to source off-market deals and negotiate directly with the owners to maximize our  investors’ returns.



Our ‘one-stop’ turn-key real estate solution consists of deal sourcing, feasibility studies, financial analysis, debt and equity structuring, deal execution, development mentoring, sales and marketing and exit strategy.

Our Business Partners

Hathway Capital has established a strong network of Hong Kong, UK and international business partners, property specialists, and professional consultants.

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